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..without hiring full-time staff

Virtual Gal Friday provides virtual medical assistants, virtual legal assistants, and virtual executive assistants to businesses needing a skilled and experienced team without all the hassle.

Why trust our virtual assistants for your practice?

100% vetted by us for legal or medical expertise.

100% vetted by us for legal or medical expertise.

Let us do due diligence for you. Our virtual assistants are handpicked through a rigorous interview process & background check.

virtual gal friday virtual assistant

Pay for hourly help, but get a dedicated employee.

We hire every virtual assistant as an employee (not a contractor), so they are loyal to our clients and held accountable to our high standards.

Based in the US, with English + Spanish speakers.

Based in the US, with English + Spanish speakers.

Many firms connect you with non-US virtual assistants, which can result in language barriers and cultural differences that add more work to your plate.

We help you grow your business — and find work-life balance. We help you grow your practice — and find work-life balance.

Without the cost & headache of hiring full-time staff.

Many of our clients come to us because they’re ready to stop doing it all themselves. They want to grow their practice, continue to deliver excellent service to their clients or patients, and be able to go home before 6 pm.

But the risks of hiring full-time staff are significant. There’s the cost, the energy-intensive process of finding the right person, and the time spent onboarding.

This is where Virtual Gal Friday comes in to save the day! 

We’ll provide you with your dream virtual assistant (100% vetted by us) who will work alongside you and your team just like your employee, except you…

  • Only pay for hours worked or tasks completed
  • Don’t have to find a space for them in the office because they work remotely
  • Let us take the lead with integrating them effectively into your workflow

 We work with Medical Offices, Legal Offices, Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs.


Our Virtual Assistant Specialities

Getting Started

1: Book a FREE Consultation

In this no-obligation call, we chat to see where you’re struggling and how we can best help.

Meet your assistant

2: Meet Your Assistant

We handpick the assistant (or team of assistants) who will best serve you + do a live kick-off call to get set.

3: Start working via our roadmap!

We integrate your assistant(s) into your workflow to make working seamless from day one.

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