Virtual executive assistants to help you manage + grow your business

Get matched with an assistant who specializes in your industry

Spend your time in your zone of genius — and let your virtual executive assistant do the rest. 

Here’s why business owners and entrepreneurs rave about Virtual Gal Friday:

100% vetted by us for expertise & experience.

We’ll connect you with a virtual executive assistant who knows the ins and outs of your industry, so there’s no costly learning curve.

Pay for hourly help, but get a dedicated employee.

We hire every assistant as an employee (not a contractor), so they are loyal to our clients and held accountable to our high standards.

Based in the US, with English + Spanish speakers.

Many firms connect you with non-US assistants, which can result in language barriers and cultural differences that add more work to your plate.

How our virtual executive assistants can help you:

  • Calendar Management & scheduling

  • Email Management & inbox organization (inbox ZERO!)

  • Document creation & spreadsheets

  • Project & client Management

  • Lead Management & onboarding new clients

  • Data entry

  • Bookkeeping

  • Research

  • Digital marketing tasks

  • …and more!

Our virtual executive assistant packages:

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